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© Copyright,1992 Thalion
After Ghostbattle was finished we both moved to Germany and started working at Thalion Software. Here we started working on a very ambitious project aiming to make one of the best action titles available for the Commodore Amiga. In terms of technical, graphical and gameplay aspects. Lionheart was born.

Lionheart would be Thalion's last action project on the Amiga if salesfigures were disappointing. In the end Lionheart did sell quite good (judging by which platform it was developed for) and would deserve a follow up. Great plans were made for a sequel but unfortunately me and Erwin were already making other plans and moved back to our homecountries. Not long after that Thalion disappeared for good.

After settling back home again we dove into the beginning of our freelance adventure. Still working together but seperated by hundreds of miles, Me in the Netherlands and Erwin working from Austria.

GraphicsHenk Nieborg
ProgrammingErwin Kloibhofer
Co-ProgrammingMichael Bittner
GamedesignEric Simon
PlatformCommodore Amiga

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