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Back in those days development teams were getting bigger and bigger. The Lomax team still existed out of only two members. I was responsible for all the graphics and gamedesign while Erwin Kloibhofer did the programming bit.

Lomax didn't get much exposure from the press back then because the majority wasn't really interested in 2D graphics on a 3D machine.

Lomax was our last project together as a team. We had lots of fun that left some great memories. Mainly thanks to Erwin Kloibhofer and producer Greg Duddle. The follow up to Lomax looked very promising in concept form, but in the end we had to drop the project and we all know why.

Graphics & GamedesignHenk Nieborg
ProgrammingErwin Kloibhofer
PlatformSony Playstation, Windows '95
ReleaseNovember 1996

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