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9 April 2008
The guestbook has been taken off-line for continuous spam nuisance.

25 Januari 2007
Hello all, It's finally done. My company website has finally launched today. Please have a look what i've been up to
lately. Please click PixinSpace to check my latest released work, Thanks!

09 June 2005
Hello, Some minor and last changes to my personal site as it is now. There are downloadable portfolio's for pixel
and next-gen gfx available now but they're only downloadable thru a link you receive from me. I quit Eurocom and
started freelancing again. I will launch my professional site hopefully very soon as well, if time lets me.
Hope to see u there as well. Cheers, Henk!

15 Februari 2004
Who would have thought that, an update! Well, Not really actually. I just added something that was already there
months ago but not hyperlinked yet. Anywayz, Added the original Harry Potter 2 GBA graphics section.
Including some unused stuff. Enjoy!

15 September 2003
Disabled my guestbook for now cos it kept on breaking for some kind of reason. Bummer!

19 December 2002
Here it is, finally an update! :) Was a little occupied lately completing 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'
for the Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox and the Gameboy Advance. I've posted some GBA screenshots here that only
involve my pixels.

You may also have noticed that the overal layout of my website and most of the topics have significantly
changed as well. Some extra features like 'Next-Gen' and 'Download' are added on the menu but are still empty.
Wanted to put at least some kind of update online before this Christmas.

Removed the original artwork pages for now but will return in the download section along with some other
material. Enjoy, and have a nice one!

19 Februari 2002
Today's our first birthday! We are online for one year now. My site has become quite big since then and i think
it has become a huge personal success. Only when you look at all the great reactions i received on my site
last year. Thanks for your support till now! please stay tuned to see some of my 3D work soon.

17 December 2001
Please check out my the addition for Disney's Atlantis for Gameboy Color. Hope you like it!

6 December 2001
Major update in the about section.

24 October 2001
Minor technical update. Added a cool new pixelation effect on the main page (you must have noticed
if you have Internet Explorer 5.5) Also added some image preloading. Interesting things are on the way,
please stay tuned...

18 October 2001
Oh yeah, i forgot. I hid some very old C64 bitmaps from me on this address. This old stuff (1985-1987) was
ment as a reward for visitors like you. You can access them by reading or just being smart.

08 July 2001
Added the original graphics section for Lionheart today. This completes the original graphics
updates for now. Hope to show you some stuff on my new projects soon...

07 July 2001
The misadventures of Flink original graphics section has been added.

06 July 2001
The first original graphics section for Lomax is online, including some unused stuff! Just follow the link.
Updates for Lionheart and Flink are also on the way. If you like it i'll add some more.

04 March 2001
Added some Stip mockups for Gameboy-Color. Updated the Lomax animation section.

22 Februari 2001
Started work on a Zelda type game for the Gameboy-Advance. Work involves a lot of isometric
background graphics.

19 Februari 2001
Launch of my website. Still not complete but please keep coming back for more...

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