• Diagon Alley 1
• Diagon Alley 2
• Diagon Alley 3
• Hogwarts Exterior
• Hogwarts Snowy
• The Greenhouse
• Aragog's Lair 1
• Aragog's Lair 2
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Diagon Alley final ingame mockup:
Here's another example of the final Diagon Alley background graphics complete with Gringotts bank. I had to stick to a maximum of 1024 tiles simultaneous onscreen using 16 colors per tile. Which means i could use even more tiles for the complete Diagon Alley tilemap.

HP2 GBA used a system that constantly loaded and unloaded chunks of graphics into memory. This gave me more freedom and space to work with and create more variation and detail in my tilemaps.