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Harry Potter

and the Chamber of Secrets

© Copyright, 2002 Warner Bros.
Published by Electronic Arts
Developed by Eurocom ltd.

Entirely developed inhouse at Eurocom entertainment software in the UK. I started drawing my first pixels for this even before the first Harry Potter movie was released.

With this project the Harry Potter team at Eurocom has proven that it is possible to create a good and solid game tied to a very big license. All credit goes to the HP GBA team that put a lot of effort and dedication into it that really made the game as it is now. Thanks for working with you guys!

The credits on the left are incomplete. Sorry to all the people i didn't mention here but the list was just a little bit too long for that. :)

All Harry Potter logo's and trademarks are owned by Warner Brothers. They should not be affiliated with my personal non commercial website. :-P

Background Graphics,
Additional Animation
Henk Nieborg
Project Management
Add. Gfx. & Gamedesign
Terry Lloyd
PlatformGameboy Advance
Release15th November, 2002

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