Hello there!

I'm Henk Nieborg, Veteran Pixel Artist on videogame projects like Lionheart, Flink, Adventures of Lomax, Shantae, Spyro 5, Harry Potter and the COS, Contra 4 etc.

I Create HQ Pixel Art, Bitmap Graphics, Game Projects and other artwork for all gaming platforms.

Please checkout Xeno Crisis coming fall 2018:
Xeno Crisis
Xeno Crisis for Sega Megadrive / Dreamcast / Switch / Steam

Already professionally pushing pixels since the 90's. Please have a look at my portfolio for a list of published projects.

Throughout the years i have created many high-quality visual content for a wide range of gaming projects. I have developed full projects and content for most gaming platforms with a high emphasis on pixel art with my own distinctive style.

Please have a look at my gallery to view some examples of my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your inquiry. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your stay and thanks for your visit!

Please visit my Twitter page for more regular updates too!

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